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In 2015 we invested in brand new and thoroughly modern water fed pole window cleaning machinery. We now use this purified water system in combination with the traditional window cleaning method to ensure the best possible results every time. You can buy our window cleaning service in combination with our other services and benefit from a big discount if you just want an occasional spring clean of the glass. If you want a more regular service this can be supplied too. You can choose from 6, 8 or 12 week intervals – the more frequent the clean the cheaper for you as it will be easier for us! We pay attention to detail every time.


Our window cleaning, Gutter Cleaning and Soft-washing service can be combined with our regular cleaning service too. And the cost can also all be bundled so you just have a single charge. It’s all designed to make things as convenient as possible for you. One local and trusted supplier taking care of all the dirty work at the same time. You save time and money and we run an efficient operation.

Soapy Suds Window Cleaning commits to providing competitive window solutions that offer variety as well as service excellence. To the end of obtaining and maintaining a name of the highest reputation while offering our services to a wider in-city and rural community.

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