Soapy Suds Light Fixture Cleaning 

If you're in need of a light fixture cleaning, our window washing technicians can access your hard to reach chandelier or light fixtures with a properly used ladder to hand clean your fixtures.

Ceiling fans can often be too high for the average person to reach. So, stay safe and let us take care of it. Whether you need your light bulbs changed or you want all of your exterior light fixtures cleaned, dusted and shined give us a call and we’ll take care of it. 

The cleaning of a chandelier should be taken very seriously and only entrusted to true chandelier cleaning experts. Many of our customers’ chandeliers are priceless and irreplaceable. So extreme care is always taken. Also to be cleaned correctly, most chandeliers require partial or complete disassembly. Special attention is critical during this process.

Soapy Suds Window Cleaning

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